Borrowable collections and reading room collections

All media items of the University Library are registered in the library catalogue.
Here you'll find the location and availability of our media as well as the borrowing information.

General holdings & collections

Most of our holdings are available on the shelves for self-service.
Literature can not only be searched through the catalog, but also directly on the shelf.

Borrowable and reading room media can be found in a common shelving:

Borrowable collectionWithout label at the book spine;
Borrowable for everyone
Reading RoomIt is not possible to borrow them.
At the Central Campus these books have a green label.
In the other libraries Senftenberg & Sachsendorf the books have a yellow label.
MediathekVideos, CD-Roms und DVDs can be borrowed by everyone.
There is a special shelf on the 6th floor in the ICMC and the Media is marked by a yellow label above the Signature.
Semester collectionSelected textbooks for certain courses are provided for the duration of the current semester in the library and available to all participants of the course.
Therefore they cannot be borrowed, as long as they belong to this collection.
The media is marked with a blue stripe on the spine.
Special collection „Familienfreundliche Hochschule“At Campus Senftenberg special copies of textbooks are  available. They are specially marked in the catalogue with the symbol "FFHS".
A longer loan period can be granted to Students with children.
If required, please get in touch with the library staff at the information desk.
Closed stacks holdings

To borrow media from the closed stacks, you need to order them in the library catalog using the "order" function. You need a User ID and your password.

The respective provisioning time of the ordered medium will be provided in the display after completion of the order. In general it takes 1 - 3 working days after ordering.

The ordered media will be reserved for you for 5 opening days. If they are not picked up during this period, we put them back into the magazine.

Special collections

Our libraries have some special collections:

  • Campus Senftenberg
    IS - library of the former enginearing school for mining and energetics, Senftenberg
    Closed stacks - borrowable for everyone

  • Campus Sachsendorf
    IMB - International music library
    Closed stacks - cannot be borrowed
All libraries and borrowing conditions