Laser processing center for laser beam welding and cutting
Reis Robotics handling system with 15 kW fiber laser
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Laser processing center for laser beam welding and cutting as well as laser powder buildup welding for generative manufacturing
Trumpf TruCell 7040 (TruFlow 5 kW and TruDisc 2 kW)
SLM machine with integrated powder preparation system 
SLM 125 from Realizer with 400 W fiber laser
Atomiser with air classifier (crucible volume 3.4 l, temperature max. 1750 °C)
Blue Power AU 3000 from Indutherm
Industrial robot for automated joining and generation
Kuka KR 30 HA with rotary tilting table
MIG-MAG/CMT system for welding and brazing
Fronius TransPulsSynergic 3200
TIG/E manual welder
Fronius MagicWave 2200
Extension for welding with non-transmitting arc
Torch PMC plasma technology PW350
Digital MIG-MAG welding power source
LORCH SpeedPulse S8
Submerged arc welding machine
Kjellberg KA1-UP
High power TIG welding machine
Kjellberg InFocus 1000
Plasma blasting machine
Kjellberg HiFocus 160
MSG/coldArc welding system
EWM Phoenix 522 coldArc
EWM Phoenix 521 PROGRESS PULS coldArc
Equipment for plasma powder build-up welding
SatteliteHettiger Starweld PTA150H
Servo-hydraulic resistance spot welding machine; alternating current
Elektro-Schweißtechnik-Dresden GmbH TPSBM 2132 S
Servo-pneumatic resistance spot welding gun; medium frequency technology
Welding data recorder with measuring channels for current, voltage, force (current measuring range 3 steps: 2 kA, 20 kA and 200 kA) and integrated quality documentation
SPATZ Multi04
Electrode milling cutter
Machining center for impulse friction stir welding
High-Temperature Furnace for Preheating and Sintering
Nabertherm HT 16/17
Equipment for clinching and punch riveting
TOX Pressotechnik type CEC 08.00
Fine spot welding machine for joining metal foils, screen cloth and thin sheets
Wahlenmeier ROWA 2Z1P / 800A
with micro spotter and micro roller seam welding head
Virtual education and training system with processes MSG, TIG and E-Hand
Simulation and Test Center
Gleeble 3500
Integrated joining and testing device for mechanical joining
walter+bai AG
Areal deformation measuring system 
Gom Aramis
Areal hardness testing center
Micro/small force hardness testing machine 
STRUERS DuraScan20 (HV0.01- HV10)
High frequency generator
HüttingeElektronik GmbH & Co. KG AXIO5/450 T
Metallographic examinations with image analysis Light microscope
Leica DM2500M 
Leica M80 stereo microscope
Metallographic sample preparation Wet separator 
STRUERS Discotm-6
Warm embedding STRUERS Citopress-1
Cold embedding
Grindingand polishing unit STRUERS Tegramin-30
Hydrogen analyzer
JUWE H-mat225
Thermography system, measuring range -4°C to +2000°C
Vario CAM hr research
Drop tower
CEAST 9350
High speed camera
PhotronFastcam SA5 with Cavilux HF laser illumination
Wear test stand
Tribometer(pin-on-disc test and ball-on-disc test)
Measuring amplifier systems
HBM MGCplussynchronous

acquisition of welding parameters, temperature field and distortion also in connection with the high-speed camera
Corrosion test stands
VLMCorrosion test cabinet type CCT1000-T MF HT
Corrosion tests according to:
DIN EN ISO 6270-2
VW PV 1210
MicroCT / 2D and 3D evaluation
Laser beam and power measurement system
PROMETEC Lasermeter
Optical 3D shape measurement system
Climate change test bench (temperature range -70 to +180)
Vötsch VC4100
Electrodynamic linear torsion test system for fatigue strength testing
Instron ElectroPuls E10000
  • General FE program ANSYS® with further developments for joining simulation
  • Welding specific FE-program SYSWELD®
  • Fast analytical programs for the calculation of temperature distribution during welding
  • Own developments for gas diffusion during joining