Simulation and evaluation of joining processes

Application areas

  • Distortion prediction and minimization for large and complex weldments
  • Microstructural changes (hardening) during welding and local heat treatment - prediction and prevention
  • Residual stresses - prediction and evaluation
  • Evaluation of cold crack resistance considering changes in microstructure, stresses and hydrogen content
  • Prediction of property changes due to nitrogen redistribution
  • Evaluation and design of joints under static, oscillating and dynamic loads

    Simulation software

    • Simulation tool for microstructure simulation for the general FE program ANSYS®.
    • Routines for coupled process and structure simulation for the welding-specific FE program SYSWELD®.
    • Cold crack tool for the weld-specific FE program SYSWELD®
    • Fast analytical programs for the calculation of the temperature distribution during welding
    • Own developments for gas diffusion during joining
    • Software for the verification of the application according to DVS Merkblatt (No. not yet assigned): Download