Member of the Academic Staff

Dr.-Ing. Nikolay Doynov, SFI

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in the Field of Welding

Group leader Simulation

T +49 (0) 355 69 4257
F +49 (0) 355 69 5152
Teaching building 3B / Room301

Office hours by arrangement

Mathematical modeling and simulation in the field of welding

Since 2005
Academic assistant at the Chair of Joining and Welding Technology

Member of the welding accreditation authority "A-TEST-SERT" OOD, Sofia, Bulgaria

Head of examination board, head of "Welding Technology Teaching and Testing Institute" at IMS-BAS

Lectureship at the Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria

Doctoral student at the Institute of Metallurgy - Bulgarian Academy of Science (IMS-BAS), dissertation topic "Investigation of the thermomechanical effect of the welding process on the stress-strain state in arc-welded joints", doctoral degree Dr.-Ing.

scientific Research associate at the Institute of Metallurgy - Bulgarian Academy of Science (IMS-BAS)

Engineer-designer of welded structures at ECOTOP OOD, Sofia, Bulgaria

Employee of the department "Laser welding and cutting" at the Institute of Laser Technology, Sofia, Bulgaria

Studies of mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, specialization "welding technology