Tailoring of surface morphology and interface structure during semiconductor growth by surface and interface passivation

Physics Colloquium, Jens Falta, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Bremen

This  talk will report on  growth  studies  of  a wide variety of  semiconductor systems, ranging from  germanium-silicon  epitaxy, over  wide band gap semiconductors,  like cadmium selenide and  gallium oxide, to  organic thin films, like PTCDA,  and two-dimensional materials.  Surfactants, i.e. additional  surface and interface adsorbates have been investigated for their versatile  impact on growth and surface morphology modification.
The experiments have been performed using high resolution low-energy electron diffraction  (SPA-LEED), x-ray photoelectron emission spectroscopy  (XPS), scanning tunneling microscopy  (STM), low-energy electron microscopy  (LEEM)  and synchrotron radiation spectroscopy  (XSW, XPEEM, NEXAFS).  These techniques will be introduced and elaborated.

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