Current PhD theses

  • Lars Buß
    »In situ growth and characterization of epitaxial 2D heterostructures by low-energy electron microscopy«
  • Emilia Pożarowska
    »Preparation and characterization of mixed samarium cerium oxide layers«
  • Lukas Schewe
    »Microspectroscopic characterization of thin MOVPE-(AlxGa1-x)2O3 films«
  • Rudi Tschammer
    »Novel materials and coatings for the detection of hydrogen and hydrocarbons«
  • Qiong Li (Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden)
    »Laboratory hard X-ray mi-croscopy studies on pollen and diatoms« (submitted 2024)
  • Stefan Weitz (Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden)
  • Linus Pleines (Universität Bremen)