Dr. Janina Messerschmidt

Dr. Janina Messerschmidt holds a doctorate in climate research with distinction and is a social psychologist. Climate change is the common thread in her life. As a physicist, she investigated the CO2 cycle, taught renewable energies and improved climate models to better predict climate change. As an employee of a foundation, she dedicated herself to the transformation of the energy system and worked in particular with civil society actors on the energy transition. However, sustainable transformations are not only based on new processes or technologies, but also on new ways of thinking and attitudes. In recent years, she has therefore focused on the transformation of work organizations and is involved in cooperatives for the democratic transformation of the energy system.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world - in fact, that's the only way the world has ever been changed." Margaret Mead

Current research



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Dr. Janina Messerschmidt