Samantha Schwickert

After her bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Hamburg, Samantha Schwickert studied Sustainability, Society, and the Environment at the University of Kiel. In addition to general sustainability research, she increasingly focused on relations of exploitation in capitalism, power structures and practices of transformation. In her master thesis "The female cycle in the working context" she investigated the possibilities of integrating the female cycle into work organization and thereby establishing new and healthier forms of work.

After a year as managing director and co-founder of the social enterprise Spielköpfe, she moved back to the university context in September 2022 to support the Department of Sociology of Technology and the Environment in transformational research and teaching as a research associate. Samantha Schwickert's research interests lie primarily in feminist critiques of capitalist economic systems and in exploring how the inclusion of circular body processes can expand the discourse around circular economies and lifestyles.