Welcome to the Chair of Thermal Energy Technology and the Hydrogen Research Center at BTU

The Chair of Thermal Energy Technology is anchored in the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Energy Systems and in the Institute for Electrical and Thermal Energy Systems. We are an international and interdisciplinary research team that values integrity, creativity, personal and professional growth. We welcome talented people regardless of where they come from!

We conduct education, research and technology transfer on a wide range of topics related to energy conversion and energy storage:

  • Hydrogen production using (pressurized) alkaline electrolysis, AEM electrolysis and PEM electrolysis
  • Hydrogen storage and stationary fuel cell systems
  • Thermochemical energy storage (gas-solid reactions)
  • Technology development and modeling of complex energy systems and components (stationary and transient behavior, thermal design and energy optimization)

With the focus on the use of regenerative energies and energy storage, in particular with the further expansion of the Hydrogen Research Center at BTU, we contribute to overcoming the energy-related challenges of the future through innovations.