Scholarship offers for international BTU students

Studying at BTU is mostly free of (study) charges. Because of this, there are only limited scholarship opportunities for international students. The International Relations Office is nonetheless pleased to be able to award a limited number of scholarships to international students enrolled at BTU.

"I would highly encourage other students to apply for the STIBET-I scholarship. In my case, it helped me to reduce the burden of working and studying at the same time so that I could focus on finishing my master thesis."
STIBET I scholarship recipient (Esteban, Chile, Environmental and Resource Management)

STIBET I - Scholarship and Support Programme

STIBET I - Scholarship and Support Programme

With the aim of supporting international students, graduation scholarships and scholarships for particularly dedicated students within the framework of the STIBET I - Scholarship and Support Programme at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg will again be awarded in the winter semester.

1. Scholarships for completion of studies: the prerequisite for the scholarship is that the students have performed well academically and will successfully graduate within one year. Moreover, the scholarships for completion of studies aims to financially support international students, who suffer hardship apart from self-inflicted trouble, to concentrate on their studies and facilitate the attainment of their degree. In case of equivalent academic qualifications, the social situation will be the deciding factor.

2. Scholarships for particularly dedicated students: the prerequisite for the scholarship in this case as well is that the student performs well academically, furthermore exceptional commitment in the international context at their university should be distinguishable. The scholarships for particularly dedicated students are awarded according to professional and non-professional qualifications. This includes, for example, social and subject specific support of international students, language tandem cooperations, participation in cultural programmes and events, being an active member of an international or other student association which supports international students etc.

The call for applications for the summer semester 2022 will be published here in December 2022.

Submission of scholarship applications: 
for funding in the winter semester – between July 1st and 31st (if there is a call)
for funding in the summer semester – between January 1st and 31st

Supported by DAAD financed by funding of the Federal Foreign Office:

STIBET - PhD Programme

STIBET - PhD Programme

The goal of STIBET is better care and support for foreign PhD candidates at BTU. Therefore international PhD students can be funded for a period of time by means of research or teaching assistantships. The teaching and research assistantships will be advertised once per semester and awarded for the length of maximum 4 months. More information can be found on the website of the Graduate Research School (GRS).

Germany Scholarships at BTU

Germany Scholarships at BTU

As part of the scholarship programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg awards its students with the so-called "Germany Scholarship".

Further information can be found here.

Scholarships within the framework of the Equal Opportunities Initiative

Scholarships within the framework of the Equal Opportunities Initiative

Looking to foster support for female junior scientists and especially those with family responsibilities, the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg is awarding scholarships to international female students and PhD/doctoral students. The scholarship aims to improve the equality of women at all levels of the academic system and to increase the number of female academics in top scientific positions in the field of science. 

Application documents and further information:

The next call will be published here soon.

Motivational Scholarships for Study Initiation

Motivational Scholarships for Study Initiation

From funds of the BIDS project, up to three motivational grants can be awarded annually to foreign graduates from German foreign and partner schools for an undergraduate degree or for a "Bridge to Studies" each winter semester.

Deciding factors for the selection of the scholarship holders are:

  • Academic performance
  • Motivation for the study and the expected academic success
  • Personal suitability
  • Social, political or cultural engagements

The application for a BIDS motivational scholarship must include:

  • A motivation letter in German,
  • A comprehensive CV,
  • A copy of school reports,
  • A recommendation letter and other descriptive documents on the personality profile (if available).

Application deadline: 31st August 2021

The BIDS program is funded by the German Foreign Ministry (AA).

per Post:
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
International Relations Office
Heading „Motivationsstipendium“
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
03046 Cottbus

per E-Mail:
Christin Handrek
Please as pdf-file with a max. File size of 7 MB.

More (external) funding opportunities:

More (external) funding opportunities:

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