Semester Fee / Semester Ticket

The semester fee for students consists of the following amounts:

Cottbus Student Services  70.00 Euros 

Student Body  14.00 Euros

Social Fund  1.00 Euro

Enrolment and Registration Fees  51.00 Euros

Semester Ticket 215.66 Euros

With the semester ticket students are allowed to use all public transportation in Brandenburg and Berlin at no extra charge. The Semester Ticket also applies to travel on the RE18 train and on the RE15 train (to change Ruhland) to and from Dresdens main station.

If there are circumstances that reduce the fee (semester of leave, ...), the total amount of the semester fee is reduced accordingly.

Fees for Master programs (continuing education)

Students wishing to enroll in Master programs (continuing education)  have to pay the following fees:

Master in Forensic Science and Engineering: 2.500,00 €/1. and 2. semester

Master in Urban Design:             1.500,00 €/1. semester

                                                        750,00 €/ from the 3. semester

Master in Business Law for Technology Companies:  500,00 €/semester

Master in Postgraduate Course in Advanced Vocal an Instrumental Performance : 1.100,00 €/semester