Geometrietag 2024 on the occasion of Prof. Horst Martini's 70th birthday

Dates: June 6-7, 2024

Place: BTU, ZHG, Seminarraum 2


Main speakers:

Bernardo González Merino (University of Murcia, Spain), "From the question how to properly define the diameter in generalized Minkowski spaces to relating means of convex bodies - inspired by Horst and Thomas".

Konrad Swanepoel (London School of Economics, UK), "Totally separable packings of translates of a convex body"

Günter M. Ziegler (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany), "Convex polytopes: examples and counterexamples, problems and conjectures"


   Thomas Jahn: Thomas.Jahn (at)

   Gennadiy Averkov: Gennadiy.Averkov (at)