Vortragsreihe Mathematisches Kolloquium

Titel: PDE-based examples of industrial mathematics

Autor: J. Hahn

Zeit und Ort: 05.12.2017 um 17:15 Uhr in HG 3.45


In this talk, two examples from industrial problems are shown and plans of patent which might be useful in three dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are illustrated. A main discussion is about how industrial mathematics provides possible and reasonable solutions of industrial problems. Firstly, in numerical partial differential equations, simple numerical schemes currently used in a numerical combustion engine business are explained. From an understanding of reality in CFD business, we would like to show what kind of problems are meaningful to industrial mathematicians in order to support CFD industries. Secondly, a functional minimization is explained to obtain a graph of function from a simple sketch and it is currently used in a cartoon software to guide a cartoonist to draw shadows in a plane. We also discuss about an extension of the algorithm to compute a signed distance function. Thirdly, a patent about fast computation of Euler’s elastica in image processing is introduced and we discuss about possible extensions and parameter controls in industrial problems.