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HiWi position in Application of statistical methods in data analysis pertaining to fatigue life analysis

Status: We are seeking an engineer interested to work with fatigue life and crack mechanics. The ideal candidate should possess a strong engineering background, proficiency in statistical mechanics, and have a solid understanding of data science and neural networks.
▪ Support in Conducting Fatigue Life Experiments:
o Assist in designing and conducting fatigue life experiments on various materials and structures.
o Collaborate with the research team to develop experimental setups and protocols.
o Collect and record experimental data using appropriate instrumentation and techniques.
▪ Data Evaluation and Analysis:
o Perform data analysis on collected experimental data using statistical methods and tools.
o Apply knowledge of fatigue life and crack mechanics to interpret and evaluate experimental results.
o Collaborate with the team to develop data visualization techniques for effective analysis.
▪ Development of Statistical Models:
o Work closely with the team to develop statistical models and algorithms for refining the analysis of fatigue life.
o Apply data science techniques, including machine learning and neural networks, to enhance predictive models.
o Explore innovative approaches to improve accuracy and efficiency in fatigue life prediction.
o Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering or a related field.
o Basic understanding of statistical mechanics and data analysis.
o Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
o Strong communication and teamwork abilities.
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The following documents need to be sent (incomplete applications won’t be reviewed) to mathiaki@b-tu.de:
• CV
• A word document (max. 600 words) explaining (1) what skill sets do you possess relevant to the job (2) and describe a difficult technical problem you have worked with in the past and how you solved it.


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