Applicos ATX 7006
ADC Test System, 16-Bit, 200MHz, build in references, supply and AWG,
fully automated mixed-signal ADC test controlled by PC, static and dynamic characterization.

Pulse Function AWG Noise Generator Agilent 81150A,
120MHz, 2 outputs, pattern gen.

Keithley Source Meter 2400
(3pcs., Interface & control by LabView)

Keithley Source Meter  2420
(2pcs., Interface & control by LabView)

Keithley Source Meter 2601A
(Interface & control by LabView)

Le Croy Wave Runner 204 MXi
2 pcs., Speicher Oszilloskop, 4-Kanal, 2 GHz, 10 Gs/s

1x Le Croy AP015
Current Probe, 50MHz

2x Le Croy AP034
Differential Probe, 5V/50V common mode

2x Le Croy HFP 2500
Active Probes, 2.5 GHz

LeCroy Logic Extension MS500
36-chan., Logik Erweiterung Oszilloskop, 36-Kanal digital


Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA development system

ARM Cortex-M3 development systems
from Keil, MCBSTM32 with STM32F103


Precision temperature chamber CTS 65/50
-40…+160degC (Interface & control by LabView)