Here we present our activities in general. Information about dates for the upcoming events you can find in the section news and on our Facebook page.

Culture Nights

We are pleased to invite you to the most talked about events on campus, the ERM Culture Nights!

ERM and international students create a gateway to discovering other cultures by enthusiastically presenting their countries to other students. Cultures can be displayed through food, presentations, costumes, dances, music, theatrical performances or even interactive games. There are many possibilities in which a culture can be presented, and always enjoyable. Traditionally, after a few hours of culture, a few hours of celebrating follow.

The goal of Culture Nights is to create acceptance and tolerance through cultural exchange. The first Culture Night in every winter semester is the German Culture Night to welcome the international students to Germany. Culture Nights usually take place on Thursday nights every three weeks, keep an eye out on Facebook and ERM Events.

If you are interested in organizing a Culture Night, please don't hesitate to contact us under info(at)

Movie Nights

Together we watch a movie. From time to time it will be related to an environmental, natural, social, ecological or cultural topic or just a movie to enjoy. Afterwards we have the chance to get in to discussion about what we have seen. Watch a movie, have fun and safe the world!

Burg workshop

Every year at the beginning of the winter semester the board organizes a workshop for a weekend in a youth hostel in the heart of the beautiful Spreewald region. The new students get the chance to get to know each other through intercultural activities, get introduced to the study course, the region and to the ERM family and have a lot of fun.

Burg Workshop 2016 took place on the 29th & 30th of October! Here you can read the report!

Townhall meetings

To be more transparent and communicative with you, and get the community involved, in bringing a positive change that everyone appreciates, the BoSt invites you to an open meeting called Townhall.
We'd like you all to come hang out with us, get to know us better and give us an impression of what you think can be improved and know more about our plans for the coming weeks.

Meet and greets

At the beginning of a semester many new faces arrive and the "old" ERMies come back to Cottbus. The BoSt gives them the chance to meet and get to know each other by organizing meet and greets. We have a few drinks together in a bar or sit together around a bonfire, making new connections and sharing experiences.

Guest lectures

Sometimes we invite experts to speak about matters related to your study course but that are not covered by regular lectures. People bring their experiences and practical knowhow from around the globe.

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