The ERM Board of Students is the group of the students representatives of the ERM study course. The board is a body of nine students democratically elected by their fellow students. It represents all ERM students and takes care of enriching the extra-academic aspects of the study courses, as well as working closely with the administration on improving the study course and solving study related problems.

Basic activities are culture nights, environmental movie nights, meet and greets, Townhall meetings, the Burg Workshop, other workshops, excursions, guest lectures and many more.

Check this website or our Facebook page regularly, follow us on Instagram @ermbtu and sign up for the ERM googlegroup to get updates about our activities.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eva Gobert

Sarah Stephan

Niloufar Hamzavi

Karen Revoredo

Divya Sureshkumar

Anusua Ray

Johannes Meijer

Megan moore

Ruby Rademacher