Gumno (Sorbian: Garden) is a collective project of students from different faculties of the BTU - Cottbus, looking for ways of learning agroecological production through experimentation, and practical investigation to generate a change, an alternative of production and more conscious alimentation. It's a space for learning, experimentation and dissemination of knowledge and information relating to agroecology. Seeking respect to different paradigms of agriculture, by generating an environment of reflexion.
This project is set up to be a demonstration for the further development of the garden space as an area for agroecology focused education, extension, and outreach. To accomplish this three areas of change became essential components to developing a garden space that can serve as a living laboratory, recreation space, and outdoor classroom.
The goal of the garden planners is to manage the community garden by adhering to organic principles and exploring holistic and integrated approaches to dealing with soil quality, pest management, water usage, plant selection, and plant productivity.

If you want to learn more about Gumno, getting in contact with them or participating send them an email: umwelt(at)