An exhibition with artwork by Amruta Nawdiyal

My name is Amruta Nawdiyal. I love drawing and painting since I was a child, but with time and daily obligations, the hobby was lost. In memories (reminiscence) of the past, in recent years I have brought back to life this lost hobby.

Experimenting with pencil sketches, watercolors and brush pens and now acrylics, you will find a wide range of color mediums in my artwork. I love details in things, so my art is mainly focused on them and on the contrary, sometimes depicted how to let your imagination run wild.




2nd floor
Inf.-,Komm.-u.Medien-Ztr. (IKMZ)

Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2
03044 Cottbus


Antje Tworke-Heybutzki
Technische Grunddienste IKMZ
T +49 (0) 355 69-2585
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