Our contribution to energy saving

Information and feedback

Dear visitors of the University Library at the IKMZ,

Your varied feedback shows us how important our library is to you for studying and learning as well as for meeting and communicating. Thank you very much for that! We work daily to make your stay at the IKMZ as pleasant as possible and to create good conditions for you on our premises.Together with you, we also want to make our contribution to energy saving.

After evaluating our original attempt to save electricity by switching off the ceiling lights on individual levels, we are taking a new direction. For the time being, we will light all reading rooms, but not turn on all existing chandeliers. We will turn off monitors and computers where possible and allow you to turn them on as needed. We have received some feedback on the Science Gallery, there we have found a way to turn off the monitors at night in the future.

Questions have been asked about the light sources used. Unfortunately, it is not easy to replace the installed tube technology with energy-saving LED bulbs. LED bulbs with plug-in bases are not available on the market. It must also be noted that the lighting must be able to be operated with direct current in the event of a power failure. Here we are looking for a solution together with the building services department, because in view of climate change, saving electricity will also be an issue in the future.

Please support us in our efforts to create a good learning and working atmosphere in the building and to use only as much energy as necessary.

Please feel free to contact our staff.


Simone Kossack
T +49 (0) 355 69-2369
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