Library rules

Our University Library is a place for studying with a special flair. Help us to create a pleasant working environment for all users at all locations.

Behavior in the library

Individual behavior in the library means consideration for all other users so that a concentrated, undisturbed work atmosphere for everyone is possible. For this quietness, a certain order and cleanliness are needed.

In the interest of everyone please keep all calls  quite. If you would like to learn in groups, please use the designated spaces.

Smoking ban

Smoking is forbidden throughout the whole University Library C-S!

Phone calls

Please switch your mobile phones off before entering the reading room and please don't use them during your stay in the libraries on Campus Senftenberg and Campus Cottbus - Sachsendorf.

Exception at Central Campus Cottbus: Mobile devices may be used in "silent mode".

Coats, jackets, bags and backpacks

Carrying of jackets, bags and backpacks into the premises of the University Library Cottbus - Senftenberg is not allowed.

Lockable lockers are available for the stay during the day at all locations. For its use the library card or a 1 Euro coin or a chip (Campus Senftenberg / Sachsendorf) is required.

In Generall no liability for your personal belongings will be taken!

Book baskets

For the transport of media and your writing utensils etc. baskets are provided in the entrance areas of the libraries which should only be used within the library. These are secured and must be returned when leaving the library.

Food and drinks

In General no food or beverages are allowed in the library. For this a cafeteria is provided in all three locations.
Water in plastic bottles is an exception and may be used.

Photography and filming

Photography and filming inside the library requires a special permit by the library management! Please ask at the information desk.


Please leave your workspace in a tidy and clean condition.