User account

Your accounts provides several self-administrations functions:

  • Information on you borrowed, ordered and reserved Media
  • Overview of your fees
  • Extension of your borrowed Media
  • View of your personal data, address and email adress
  • personalized search setting in the library catalogue
  • Save your results

To look into your user account please login here.

Use the 11-digit user number on your library card / student ID and your personal password.

The default password is your date of birth in 6-digit format (DDMMYY).
Example: Birthday is 9 February 1994 then reads the password 090294

This default password must be changed on first registration in the library catalog. There should be at least. 6 and max. 12 characters.

There are several reasons why you cannot access you user account:

  • Open Fees
  • Notice of exclusion order
  • Lost card
  • Inactivity or due date of annual fee
  • Your membership has run out

Please contact the service desk during our opening hours for clarification.

Only for students of the BTU C-S

The contact data as the home and semester address, email address, telephone / mobile number can be changed and updated using the BTU-account from any computer with internet access via the online-portal.