Policy for UBICO

1. Content

UBICO is the University Bibliography of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

The bibliography is a verification tool for the university's research reporting and is also used for the calculation of performance funding (LOM).

The University Bibliography lists the scientific publications of members of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. The publications must have been produced in connection with an activity at the university. Publications that appeared before the affiliation to the university can be recorded, but are not taken into account in the research reporting or in the calculation of performance funding (LOM).

Only articles and publications that have already been published are listed in the University Bibliography.

Publications within the meaning of the bibliography include publications from scientifically recognized publishers and academic institutions, as well as publications that are made available on institutional or specialist repositories. The entries require the specification of a persistent identifier such as a DOI/URN, an ISBN/ISSN or, if available, a patent number.

 Document types:

  • *DOI-Import*
  • Book
  • Book (publisher)
  • Conference publication not peer-reviewed
  • Conference publication peer-reviewed
  • Dissertation
  • Habilitation
  • Lecture
  • Moving images (video)
  • Part of a book (chapter)
  • Picture (Poster)
  • Patent
  • Periodical
  • Report
  • Research data
  • Review
  • Scientific journal article not peer-reviewed
  • Scientific journal article peer-reviewed

Not included in the University Bibliography are pre-announcements of publications that have not yet appeared, program booklets, flyers and accompanying material for conferences and congresses.

2. Registration

In UBICO, publications are entered manually using various registration forms. When registering, the contact details of the person submitting the publication must be entered for queries from the University Library. This data is not published.

In addition to manual entry, publication data can also be entered automatically using automated processes.

Information on entering publications can be found on the help pages. The library also offers personal advice.

The person entering the data is responsible for compliance with the entry criteria.

The entered data will be activated after formal verification. Research in the university bibliography is possible via the OPUS search engine.

Changes and deletions must be reported to the University Library. Bibliographical corrections can be made by the University Library without consultation.

3. Document provision

All BTU publications that are subject to compulsory delivery (Amtsblatt der BTU Cottbus 1996,6) are handed in at the Theses department and recorded in the University Library's holdings. For publications that are not subject to compulsory delivery, it is desirable to make a copy available to the University Library.

If a document is to be published online, please use the Digital Repository of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

4. Hosting

The UBICO database is hosted and technically maintained by the KOBV (Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg) and operated with the OPUS software.

Editorial responsibility lies with the University Library.