Consultation hours

Prof. Wätzold

The next consultation hour with Prof. Wätzold: Thursday, 11.5.23, 11.00 - 12.00  am in LG 10/532. Please contact Regina Kirsche (

Please, also note announcements regarding consultation hour appointments in the homepage's news section!

Dear Students, please discuss any examination issues for international studies with Frau Kirsche (secretary) bevore seeing Prof. Wätzold during his consultation hours.

Sekretariat Regina Kirsche

Monday - Friday, 09.00 am - 14.00 pm
Room: LG10/532

Charlotte Gerling, M.Sc.

on request
Raum LG 10/534g

Dr. Lutz Philip Hecker

on request
- online -

Dr. Nonka Markova-Nenova

on request
Room, LG10/534g

Caterina De Petris

on request
room: LG10 / 533 k

Dr. Oliver Schöttker

on request
room: LG 10 / 506g

Misganaw Badasa Wake

on request
room: LG 10 / 516b