Bachelor and Master Theses

We invite students to write their Bachelor or Master thesis with us. We supervise all topics for which there is expertise in our group. There are two possible options of identifying a topic for the thesis. The first option is that students come with a topic of their interest or that during a discussion the student and the supervisor jointly identify a topic of interest to the student that can be supervised by a member of the group. The second option is that students select a topic that is currently offered (see list of topics below). In any case, come to see one of us during our consultation hours.

Offered topics for theses

Offered topics for Bachelor and Master theses and Study Projects:

  • Topic for a Master thesis or study project + Master thesis: The concept of ecosystem services in environmental history, analysed using the example of the "Tauersche Forest" near Peitz/Cottbus (good knowledge of German language required)
  • Topic for a Bachelor thesis: Distributional effects of renewable energies – a systematic review.
  • Topic for a Master thesis: Cost-effectiveness analysis of different species targeting strategies in AES design: tradeoff between PES targeting and endangered species targeting (conceptual work; good mathematical and programming skills required)
  • Topic for a Bachelor Thesis: Systematic literature review on fairness/ distribution and climate change/ climate protection – research topics and gaps
  • Topic for a Bachelor thesis, Study project or Master thesis: Socio-economic, technological and political reasons for agricultural land use change from 1850 till today at three locations in Germany (joint supervision with Thünen-Institut in Braunschweig) (German language skills required)
  • Topic for a Bachelor thesis or Master thesis: Design of cost effective water balance measures to adjust to climate change in urban areas (good conduct of German necessary
  • Topic for a Study Project: Comparative analysis of EU agri-environment schemes
  • Topic for a Study Project: Costs of cooperation in agri-environmental measures – a systematic literature review
  • Topic for a Study Project: A study on the historical development of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its implications for agri-environment schemes (AES). (Contact person: Caterina De Petris)
  • Topic for a Study Project: Participatory decision-making approaches in Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): a systematic literature review. (Contact person: Caterina De Petris)
  • Topic for a Study Project: Economic instruments for biodiversity conservation and corruption: extent and determining factors. (Contact person: Caterina De Petris)
  • Topic for a Study Project: Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI): opportunities for Ecological-Economic modelling. (Contact person: Caterina De Petris)
  • Topic for a Study Project: Machine learning, AI and ecological modelling: a structured literature review.
  • Topic for a Bachelor thesis, Master thesis or study project + Master thesis: Socioeconomic aspects of traditional orchards/Steuobstwiesen (in cooperation with a nature conservation agency in Bavaria) (good knowledge of German language required)
  • Topic for a Bachelor thesis: A literature review and analysis of the potential of artificial meat as a more sustainable food choice
  • Topic for a Study Project: Transaction costs in agri-environmental payments (payments for actions vs. payments for results) – a systematic literature review
  • Topic for a Bachelor Thesis or Study Project: The new ISO 14068, its potential and limitations for carbon neutrality in organisations (ideally with an application of the standard to a case study organisation)
Selected former thesis topics

Bachelor theses:

Cathy SulaimanThe Role of pastureland in protein supply in Germany and Lower Saxony and its potential conversion to an equivalent arable land with peas
Johanna HoosSustainable Mobility in Metropolises: Public bike sharing as a sustainable mean of transport
Alexander WelschFree Trade Agreement between United States of America and Colombia in relation to FDI inflow and national development of Colombia
Zha TingtingAnalysis of the condition and Policy of renewable energy in China
Susanne KöhlerAn environmental economic evaluation of differenz reform proposals of the EEG
Stuck, HusseimA philosophical critique of the limitations of cost-benefit-analysis to quantifying non-marketed goods
Lena SteffenInclusion of Aviation in the EU ETS: An analysis of the policy process using the public choice approach
Maria Tereza NagawaAn assessment of climate change adaptation eligibility in Uganda, East Africa
Ma CongcongAnalysis of the south-north water diversion project in China in terms of goal attainment
Cornelius MeyerSewage sludge treatment in Germany. Examining the cost-efficiency of different sewage sludge treatment setups
Stefan GönnerIncreasing Energy Efficiency. Why is there a considerable discrepancy between the level where all cost effective energy efficiency measures are implemented and the level at which those measures are actually realized and what are possible
Derya AyDas Umweltmanagementsystem nach der DIN EN ISO 14001
Mortimer GrotendiekWhy the success of an Energy Management System (ISO 50001) closely depends on a well-functioning and transparent energy review
Jan KochEffectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Internal Carbron
Viola HelmersAn Economic Analysis of Hamburg’s New Environmental Guidelines – The City’s Approach to Diminishing its Environmental Impact

Master theses:

Alexander ReichertEvaluation of costs related to the migration of the oak processionary moth in Brandenburg
Claudia BussAufbau eines betriebseigenen Ökokontos bzw. Flächen- und Maßnahmenepools bei der Vattenfall Europe Mining AG. Grundlagen, Flächenauswahl und Kostenschätzung
Jan Eike KrämerThe Swiss network bonus: Environmental-economic assessment of a unique instrument for biodiversity conservation
Martha Ofori-KuraguThe feasibility of REDD implementation in Ghana: the case of three farming communities in the Central Region of Ghana
Ola Olufunke NikeFramework of the factors influencing the cost of implementing and managing conservation areas, estimating the costs and benefits derived from conserving nature
Susantio JunadiA Cost-Benefit Analysis of Palm Oil lantation in the RIMBA Corridor in Indonesia
Alexander KorffAnalyzing the experience of international tourists visiting Tsimanampetsotse National park to identity improvement potential and to increase the benefits to local communities and the environment
Pratap Kumar ReddyLife Cycle Assessment of small electronic devices – A case study of electric toothbrush in Germany
Putcha AdityaCost benefit analysis of different municipal solid waste management methods in Kolkata and Hyderabad
Mekala NiharCost benefit analysis on concrete using MSWJ and C and D waste for a residential complex in Nepal
Edwin NdiA framework to assess Voluntary Sustainability Standards in relation to forestry and agriculture
Sun HuileClean Air Policy in schwer umweltverschmutzten Städten in China
Ahmad Hafiz Muhammad AliThe Economics of Shale Gas Development-Opportunities and Environmental Challenges in USA
Charlotte GerlingApplying DSS Ecopay to Analyse the Impact of orgnic Farming on Endangered Bird an Butterly Species
Su XiangqiIndicator-based evaluation of urban carrying capacity: Case study for four mega harbor cities
Bandela Srujith KumarIntroduction of Green Building Concepts in Chennai (India) by using Life Cycle
Publications based on former theses
  • Nora Stognief, Paula Walk, Oliver Schöttker, Pao-Yu Oei (2019): "The Economic Resilience of German Lignite Regions in Transition", Sustainability 2019, 11(21), 5991 (Link)
  • Gerling, C., Sturm, A. and Wätzold, F. (2019): Ecological-economic modelling to compare the impact of organic and conventional farming on endangered grassland bird and butterfly species, in Agricultural Systems Volume 173, July 2019, pages 424-434 (Link)
  • Krämer, J.E., Wätzold, F. (2018):The Agglomeration Bonus in Practice – an Exploratory Assessment of the Swiss Network Bonus,Journal for Nature Conservation (Link)
  • Ganzhorn, J. U., Manjoazy, T., Päplow, O., Randrianavelona, R., Razafimanahaka, J. H., Ronto, W. M., Vogt, E., Wätzold, F. (2015): Comment. Rights to trade for species conservation: exploring the issue of the radiated tortoise in Madagaskar, Environmental Conservation,  Vol 42 (04), 291-293. (Link)