Research and teaching at the Chair focus on the application of economic knowledge to problems of environmental and resource management, in particular the preservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation. Methods and approaches include, among others, ecological-economic modelling, the development of decision support software, as well as stakeholder interviews and choice experiments.

Bachelor- and Mastertheses

Dear Students, if you are interested in writing a Bachelor- or Masterthesis at our chair, you can now find a list of possible thesis topics at our homepage. You are also invited to discuss a topic of your choice with us. In case of further interest, please contact us during consultation hours.


During the semester break, office hours are only possible on request. Please contact Regina Kirsche (email:

  • Presentations by Charlotte Gerling, Oliver Schöttker, Martin Drechsler and Frank Wätzold at the 22. Bioecon conference (17.-19.9. 2021, Jackson, Wyoming, USA, and online).
  • Prof. Wätzold participated in a hearing on a draft bill on for the intensification of insect protection, preseravtion of biodiversity and cultural landscapes in the federal state of Brandenburg („Gesetz zur Stärkung des Insektenschutzes, zum Erhalt der Artenvielfalt und der Kulturlandschaften für das Land Brandenburgzu) in the Brandenburg Landtag.
  • New Publication: Martin Drechsler, Charlotte Gerling, Klaus Keuler, Johannes Leins, Astrid Sturm und Frank Wätzold: A quantitative approach for the design of robust and cost-effective conservation policies under uncertain climate change: The case of grasshopper conservation in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in Journal of Environmental Management 296 (2021), 113201. (Link)
  • New Publication: Orestis Stavrakidis-Zachou, Astrid Sturm, Konstadia Lika, Frank Wätzold, Nikos Papandroulakis (2021): ClimeGreAq: A software-based DSS for the climate change adaptation of Greek aquaculture. Environmental Modelling and Software 143 (2021) 105121 (Link)
  • 1. Policy Brief of the Ecoclimb project by Charlotte Gerling and Frank Wätzold: Artenschutz in Agrarlandschaften unter Klimawandel – Empfehlungen zur Ausgestaltung von Politikinstrumenten (Species Conservation in agricultural landscapes under climate change - reccomendations for the design of policy instruments) (Link)

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