Research and teaching at the Chair focus on the application of economic knowledge to problems of environmental and resource management, in particular the preservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation. Methods and approaches include, among others, ecological-economic modelling, the development of decision support software, as well as stakeholder interviews and choice experiments.

Bachelor- and Mastertheses

Dear Students, if you are interested in writing a Bachelor- or Masterthesis at our chair, you can now find a list of possible thesis topics at our homepage. You are also invited to discuss a topic of your choice with us. In case of further interest, please contact us during consultation hours.


The next consultation hour with Prof. Wätzold: Wednesday, 7.12.2022, 11.00 - 12.00 in LG 10/532. Please contact Regina Kirsche.

  • Charlotte Gerling was awarded the "Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Economics" of the Joachim Herz Foundation
  • Workingpaper: Revised and extended versions of the working paper Gerling, Schöttker, Hearne (2022a)
    • Gerling, Schöttker, Hearne (2022c): "The ”climate adaptation problem” in biodiversity conservation: the role of reversible conservation investments in optimal reserve design under climate change", MPRA Paper No. 114812. (Link)
    • Gerling, Schöttker, Hearne (2022b): "Optimal time series in the reserve design problem under climate change", MPRA Paper No. 114691. (Link)
  • Conference presentations by Charlotte Gerling
    • "Flexibility of policy instruments for cost-effective biodiversity conservation under climate change: land purchase versus conservation contracts" at the "Environmental Protection and Sustainability Forum" in Graz (Austria), 28.09.2022
    • "Optimal time series in the reserve design problem under climate change" at the AURÖ Nachwuchsworkshop “Umwelt- und Ressourcenökonomie" in Graz (Austria), 27.09.2022
  • Conference presentation by Charlotte Gerling: "Keep it or Leave it - the Role of Reversible Conservation Investments in Optimal Reserve Design under Climate Change " at the VfS Jahrestagung 2022 (Basel, Switzerland) at 14.09.2022
  • Photo-opportunity für PhD student Mai Nusir with German Minister of the Exterior Annalena Baerbock at this year's DAAD conference in Berlin (Link)
  • Conference presentations at the ECCB 2022 in Prag
    • Charlotte Gerling: Irreversible and partly reversible investments in the optimal reserve design problem: the role of flexibility under climate change
    • Lutz Philip Hecker: Cost-effectiveness of state-dependent versus state-independent agri-environment schemes for biodiversity conservation
    • Nonka Mankova-Nenova: Man vs. Machine – Cost Comparison of Bird-Monitoring Techniques for Result-Based Payments in Agriculture
    • Oliver Schöttker: Monitoring costs of result-based payments for biodiversity conservation: Will UAV-based remote sensing be the game-changer?
    • Charlotte Gerling und Astrid Sturm: Assessing cost-effectiveness of agri-environment schemes under climate change: the case of meadow bird conservation in Northern Germany
    • Martin Drechsler: Should the biodiversity bank be a savings bank or a lending bank?
    • Frank Wätzold: Cost-effective biodiversity conservation under climate change: land purchase versus conservation contracts