Research and teaching at the Chair focus on the application of economic knowledge to problems of environmental and resource management, in particular the preservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation. Methods and approaches include, among others, ecological-economic modelling, the development of decision support software, as well as stakeholder interviews and choice experiments.

Bachelor- and Mastertheses

Dear Students, if you are interested in writing a Bachelor- or Masterthesis at our chair, you can now find a list of possible thesis topics at our homepage. You are also invited to discuss a topic of your choice with us. In case of further interest, please contact us during consultation hours.


Change at office hours!

Next online office hour Prof. Wätzold:
Thursday, 8 October 2020, 3 - 4 pm

Prof. Wätzold’s office hours will only take place by phone or via skype. The consultation hour in summer semester: every Tuesday, 3 - 4 pm. If you want to talk with Prof. Wätzold via skype please let me know your user skype name. Please email to regina.kirsche(at) Alternatively, you can call during this time at: 0355/692774.

  • Oliver Schöttker succesfully defended his Dissertation.
  • BMBF-Projektmeeting: Climate adaptation project IAWAK-EE ("Informationsgestützte antizipative wasserhaushaltsbasierte Anpassung an den Klimawandel Elbe-Elster"), in co-operation with the Research Institute for Post-Mining Landscapes (FIB) has had its kick-off meeting on 10.09 at the IBA study house in Großräschen. (Link)
  • Working Paper:  Zhengzheng Hao, Astrid Sturm, und Frank Wätzold (2020) A novel spatially explicit hydro-economic modelling procedure to design cost-effective agri-environment schemes for mitigating nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural land. (Link)
  • Publication: Mary Nthambi, Nonka Markova-Nenova, Frank Wätzold (2021):Quantifying Loss of Benefits from Poor Governance of Climate Change Adaptation Projects: A Discrete Choice Experiment with Farmers in Kenya, Ecological Economics 171, 106831 (Link)
  • Publication: Charlotte Gerling, Frank Wätzold (2020): An economic evaluation framework for land‐use‐based conservation policy instruments in a changing climate, Conservation Biology (Link)
  • Zhengzheng Hao succesfully defended her PhD thesis.

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