The following dissertations and PhD thesis have been or are supervised at the chair:

Current Dissertations

Johanna GötterAdaptation and change from an institutional perspective in Southwest Madagascar
Nonka Markova-NenovaDistributive Aspects in the Design of Payments for Ecosystem Services and Agri-Environmental Schemes
Charlotte GerlingEconomics of climate adaptation for biodiversity conservation
Malte WellingEconomic value of urban green: Empirical results and methodological challenges in discrete choice experiments
Johanna Witttba
Henrique ManhiqueCost benefit analysis of ground cover management techniques, using fruit orchards in the Western Cape province, South Africa, as a case study (preliminary title)
Maho Nakagawatba
Ashley Comma Roytba
Caterina De Petristba

Former Dissertations

The following Dissertations have been successfully supervised at the chair in the past:

Befikadu Legesse AlemayehuPayments for environmental services for improved watershed management: a case study of Koga watershed of the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Alex KombatImplementation of environmental taxation in Ghana
Zhengzheng HaoA Novel Integrated Modelling Approach to Design Cost-effective Agri-Environment Schemes to Prevent Soil Erosion and Water Pollution from Cropland — A Case Study of Baishahe Watershed in Shanxi Province, China
Lutz-Philip HeckerWhat does it take to treat municipal wastewater in developing countries? An econometric analysis of Mexican municipalities
Mary NthambiEconomic Valuation and Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Sub-Saharan African Agriculture: A Case Study of Makueni County, Kenya
Oliver SchöttkerMake-or-Buy: Should nature conservation agencies buy land and perform conservation activities on their own behalves, or should they pay farmers for voluntarily performing conservation activities?
Cathrin SpringEnergiesteuern in der Europäischen Union und in den Mitgliedstaaten als Nachhaltigkeitsinstrument. Eine Policy-Mix-Analyse unter Beachtung verhaltenswissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse

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