ACS architecture city space

The ACS seminar aims to generate a basic understanding of the complexity of architecture, city and space. A first insight into a wide range of different architectural and urban design topics is meant to enable students to an initial understanding and judgment of architectural and urban environments, also in relation to cultural heritage.

The module is on the one hand focused on the imparting of a first approach to architectural tools and media as well as the basic understanding of architectural, urban and spatial concepts.
In contrast to looking at architecture as an object consisting of certain elements to be assembled in certain styles, this course aims to raise awareness for architecture in a more holistic way. The investigation of the multiple layers of architecture such as the spatial, the social, the cultural, the material and the temporal are crucial to the seminar.

The seminar builds upon the application and the deepening of insight from continuous supervised research, literature reviews, in-class discussions, city-walks and on-site workshops.

student research from previous seminars:


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