Our major research target is the use of microbial biodiversity for development of tailor-made biocatalysts suitable for industrial applications.

  • Identification of biocatalysts by eco-physiological and phylogenetic screening tools
  • Characterisation and discovery of novel enzymes
  • Functional expression in suitable microbial hosts and media
  • Methods for fermentation, immobilization and cell-free oxidative biocatalysis
  • Design of catalytic cascades for regio- and stereoselective synthesis
  • Preparation of drug metabolites and pure compounds, e.g. for pharmaceutical applications
  • Structural elucidation of new metabolites and bio-based ingredients by high-resolution MS (Orbitrap) and NMR
  • Studied enzymes, e.g. fungal unspecific peroxygenases, xenobiotic degrading enzymes, laccases, P450 monooxygenases, cellulases, proteases, esterases
  • Early-stage sustainability assessment