Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Seit mehreren Jahren bietet der Lehrstuhl ausländischen Studenten und Studentinnen anderer Universitäten die Möglichkeit für ein Praktikum und /oder eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit im Bereich der Triebwerkstechnik an. Im folgenden stellen einige der Studenten ihre Erfahrungen bei uns vor.

Jai Vishnu Naman, Indien

I am Jai Vishnu Naman currently pursuing my bachelor in Mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India. It was really good to get a research internship opportunity at Chair of Aero-engines design BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg, for my summer internship-2017. During my internship period of 2.5 months, I was working on the various VAFN concepts of ongoing ENOVAL Project. 

I'd like to express my deep sense of gratitude to Prof. Klaus Hoeschler for giving me the opportunity to work at his chair. I'd also extend this to Mr. Chetan Kumar Sain, for supervising me with my tasks and teaching me the way to solve the technical problems. Additionally, I thank to every member of the chair for their friendliness behaviour. Being surrounded by the highly qualified and experienced people at the chair, I have gained immense experience and learned lots of things. I had many memories of the best things that had happened there from Excursion to MTU to the Barbeques.

Being a small city, Cottbus is really nice place to live in Germany having Berlin and the Dresden like big cities nearby. It has all the amenities for the natives and for the international peoples too. It is really an affordable city with friendly and helpful people. Having BTU as its heart provides the best environment for students to study.

Personally I found the BTU, one of the best university of Germany for mechanical engineers having the various labs, facilities and opportunities for a researcher who wishes to go for higher studies.

My tenure at the Chair of Aeroengine Design in BTU was overwhelming. I personally feel that anyone seeking to enhance their academic career, BTU is the best option.

Jai Vishnu Naman

Bachelor of Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India

Mohammad Rafighi, Iran

I’m Mohammad Rafighi from Iran. Currently, I’m PhD student in the field of Mechanical Engineering in Gazi University of Turkey. First of all I want to thanks Prof. Dr. -Ing. Klaus Höschler for giving of opportunity to participate in Rolls-Royce project in BTU. Secondly, I want to thanks Dipl.-Ing. Beya Mhadbi for supervising me in this project.

Cottbus is a small city with kind people, almost quarter of the population here are student. I had very good time in Cottbus, especially in Brandenburg Technical University. I’ve worked in BTU for two months and I’ve gained very good information related to aero engine.

Beside educational work in BTU we had very good excursion to Rolls-Royce and LBAS firms in Berlin. Furthermore, we have visited Cottbus Zoo and then we made barbecue in BTU which was one of my best moment in BTU.

I suggest all student around the world come and visit Cottbus and BTU. Cottbus is a very good city and BTU is a very well equipped University.

Abhimanyu Bhadauria, Indien

I’m an Indian student pursuing Aerospace Engineering from Amity University in Noida. While looking for a project to work on towards my master thesis, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity at the Chair for Aero Engine Design at BTU, Cottbus-Senftenberg. I spent 5 months at the BTU as an exchange student where I helped contribute to a Rolls-Royce funded research project - a dream for many. BTU gave me the exposure I never had thought possible.

I’m thankful to Prof Klaus Höschler and Luis Costero Sanchez for giving me the chance of a lifetime to hone my skills and experience German technology first hand. Working at the chair was a lot of fun, being surrounded by extremely knowledgeable and very friendly people who were very helpful in making me adjust to life in Germany.

Cottbus being small city offers the perfect environment to pursue research in a quiet and calm environment, without any distractions. However, it is close enough to bigger cities like Berlin and Dresden - offering a fun weekend getaway after a busy week, if you so desire. 

I only have the best things to say to anyone planning to come to the BTU for an exchange semester or for the long term. My time at the chair was supremely rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to develop their academic career further.

Abhimanyu Bhadauria

B.Tech Aerospace + M.Tech Avionics ( 2012 – 2017 )

Amity University

Shreeni Singla, Indien

During the course of my Bachelor studies in Aerospace Engineering (in India), I did my internship at BTU under Prof. Klaus Höschler in the summer of 2015 for three months. To summarize my experience in few words, I would say that it was an overall life changing experience for me. I got great exposure to new high end technologies and professional supervision. I had an opportunity to visit the assembly unit of Rolls Royce in Berlin which gave me an overview of how work is done in aero engine industry. My interest of pursuing higher education in the field of propulsion was shaped by this internship.

I worked on a project where my task was to perform fluid-structure-interaction on a thrust reversal unit using ANSYS software. During the entire span of my internship, I was supervised and supported by Mr. Chetan Kumar Sain and Mr. David Grasselt. Weekly meetings and presentations with Prof. Höschler induced in me a sense of professionalism and sharpened my presentation skills. The entire staff was so comforting and helping that not even for a single day I felt out of the place.

Along with all these learnings, I made friends for life at Cottbus. The city is so peaceful that it makes you fall in love with it at once. The working culture in Europe intrigued me so much that I could not stop myself from coming back here for my higher studies. I am presently pursuing masters with full scholarship in ISAE-SUPAERO at Toulouse, France. I give entire credit to my summer internship at chair of aeroengine design at BTU for this success, hence, in nutshell, I owe my future to this internship.

Shreeni Singla

M.Sc in Aerospace Engineering


Toulouse, France

Ishan Nande

Internship ERASMUS und Student aus Linköping University (Schweden).

Experience at the Chair of Aero Engine Design

I joined the Chair of Aero Engine Design on 8/1/2018 as an intern under the ERASMUS + program for undergraduates. My internship duration was for 5 months and it ended on 28/5/2018

It was a great experience working on a variety of different tasks in this internship duration. After completion of my M.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering from Linköping University, Sweden I was looking for research-oriented opportunities in the aerospace engineering sector and an internship at the Chair fit perfectly with my expectations. Right from the day, I applied for the internship till its end my supervisor Luis was helpful. He gave me all the necessary support related to the visa process, information on the tasks that I needed to perform and the software that was going to be used. The international relations department of BTU also provided me with the necessary documentation to extend my visa, and I am thankful to them for that. I want to also convey my thanks to Prof. Höschler for approving the internship.

In my internship, I had an excellent opportunity to work with CFD and its applications in aero engines. My tasks were interesting and challenging, and a constant motivation for me was the fact that the outcome of my tasks would be useful for the EU-Japan project of SHEFAE 2. Through these tasks, I learned advanced features of the CFD software I was using where I eventually used Python and Scheme programming. There were also regular discussions with Luis whenever I got stuck on any of the tasks. It was a great experience brainstorming with him to sort the issues to deliver the end goal. 

At the end of the internship, I presented the results to Prof.Höschler. He commented on the results and their practical applications in jet engines. My interaction with him was insightful, and I got to understand what matters the most when it comes to building a machine as complex as an aero engine.

While my primary point-of-contact was Luis in the internship, I also interacted with other Ph.D. researchers at the Chair, Chetan, and Marcel. I got to know what projects they were working on, and I must say that I found them interesting as well. All-in-all my experience at the Chair was fruitful and something that I will cherish forever. 


I am Heena Patel. I am form India. I did my second Master from Finland in Computational Engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology.  After graduating on 31 August 2018, I joined the Chair of Aero Engine Design as an intern under the ERASMUS + program from 10 October 2018 to 28 February 2019 for 5 months.

I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Hoschler and Mr. Luis Costero Sanchez, from Chair of Aero-Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus to give the opportunity of Internship at BTU. I would like to thank ERASMUS+ for Scholarship awarded during internship. I would also like to thank ERASMUS coordinator from my home university Ms. Elina Hannikainen-Himanen, Lappeenranta University of Technology and Karin Robel from BTU for their support during administrative work. I had work under supervision of Luis on “Preliminary study of Reduced Order Models and the application in aero thermal systems in jet engines”. I had made detail studies of Reduce order model and its applicability in Computational Fluid Dynamics software’s like ANSYS and OpenFoam-6 using ITHACA_FV a recent utility developed by SISSA. The work includes simulation of blades with different turbulence model and then to construct reduced order model out of it for the EU-Japan project of SHEFAE2. It was new topic for me, and I had to work hard to get through it.  My Supervisor Luis so kind and patient with me, his motivation, time and advice has help me to work efficiently.  He always helped with every kind of problems I had faced. His feedback about my strong points and drawbacks that helps me to improve myself. I was touched by his gesture when he gave his laptop to me, when I had problems with my laptop during my skype interview for Ph.D. position. in Ireland, I believe anyone else would not do it. He is so down to earth and always ask my feedback about work.

I am very happy to be working in International environment. I get to know Mr. Chetan Sain who is also Indian. I had spent good time with his wife and kids. I would like to thank M. Sc. Mark Wollner for the mesh he made for blade, also for reading and writing German letters for me and being patient with me. I also have interacted with Mr. Marcel Mischke. I went to know Carlos Cano who works under Luis who had made Spanish Omelet for me.  I had got apartment in Senftenberg city, so I had to travel 3 to 3:30 hours of total to and for for two months until I got apartment near to office in Cottbus. I went to NASA Hackathon in Berlin, I was host by sponsor of event in Berlin and it was pleasant experience. I got a big 3D printed rocket that I won in Bingo challenge which I carry in hand from Berlin to Senftenberg the experience was out of world.  I would like to thank Experiment e.V. for organising German host family for me during 10 days of Christmas the most beautiful time I had in Germany. I had been to 7 cities in 10 days. I had made Indian food for them. I would like to thank Antje Mizera, her family and specially Oma (Grandma) for their hospitality and love they had given me and for the experience of German Christmas and Sylvester. I had given all my Ph.Ds. interview for Ireland, UK, Germany at my office. I was so happy that after this international journey two days before the end of my internship I was selected for Ph.D. in Hamburg, Germany. The overall experience was full of favours of culture, emotions and quality time, the most adventurous ride of my life.