1 day trip in Bukovina ... The land of the beech

Somewhere, in the northeastern part of Romania there is a corner of paradise named Bukovina. It is not a question of methaphor: after you complete your journey, it will be impossible to forget its pure landscapes with low mountains covered by forests and river valleys hiding peaceful monasteries - some of them founded half millennium ago.

Among them there are the famous Painted Monasteries which are unique examples of Moldavian medieval architecture. Their painted exerior walls are decorated with elaborate 15th and 16th century frescoes featuring portraits of saints and prophets, and illustrations of religious events from Bible.

During our bus trip we plan to visit Moldoviţa (1532) - dominated by the golden gleam of its frescoes, Voroneţ (1488) - a veritable Sixtine Chapel of Romania and even the Orient with its blue chromatic fresco on the west wall of the church depicting "The Last Judgement", and Suceviţa (1591) - with its impressive Ladder of Virtues on the north wall of the church, all three belonging since 1993 to UNESCO World Heritage.