Holdings Labelling of locations in the library catalogue and shelves

Central Campus

FHAccessible holdings
no colored label
LBSText book collection
orange label on the spine of the book
borrowable only for students and members of the BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg
GFLarge formate
yellow label on the spine of the book Separate sorting on the 3.floor
yellow label
Mag.closed stackes
order through the library catalogue

Campus Senftenberg / Campus Sachsendorf

Accessible holdingsNo colored labelborrowable
Special collection ISClosed stacks of Senftenberg
library of the former engineering school for mining and energetics, Senftenberg

Central Campus

LSReading room
green label on the spine of the book
non borrowable
Mag. / RaClosed stacks/Rare books
order through library catalogue
non borrowable
SE + Nummer, Name, EtageSemster apparatus collection
blue label with the note "Semesterapparat" on the spine of the book

non borrowable
Separate location in the reading room in the basement

non borrowable
KSMap locker
Issue through library staff at helpdesk 2nd / 3rd floor

non borrowable
ZLSJournal reading room = ongoing journals of the current year
non borrowable
ZSBJournal inventory = bound journals
Some can be orderes through the library catalogue

non borrowable
IVSSpecial information service
Issue through subject librarians
non borrowable
IBKInstitut für Bau- und Kunstgeschichte
library, Lehrgebäude 2d, Basement

non borrowable
HABook collection of a professor
See List reference collections
Ask at the institute
Single working places in the reasing room in the 2nd / 3rd floor

non borrowable

Campus Senftenberg / Campus Sachsendorf

  • Media from the Reading room collection at the other libraries are labeld with a yellow label
  • Newspaper, Journals and loose-leaf-collections
  • Technical directives and standards
  • Semester apparatus collections
  • Closed stacks material Cottbus (Special collection IMB / International music library)

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