DOI service

You will receive a free DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for your online publication. The unique identifiers enable the permanent availability of electronic documents and simplify their referencing. Your DOI will be generated before your document is published and the link should be included in your file.

Use the registration form to upload all needed metadata to the Digital Repository (OPUS). We will then generate the DOI for your publication and inform you per e-mail. Please include the DOI in the imprint of your document. For doctoral theses, the designated place is the lower left corner on the reverse side of the title page.

Please note that one electronic document cannot be assigned more than one DOI. A subsequent DOI generation for documents already published via OPUS is not possible.

The DOI-Service of the University Library of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is operated in cooperation with the TIB Hannover / DataCite.

For further information, please contact: bibliothek.hochschulschriften(at)