Publication Support

Members of Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg have several options to get support for financing their Open Access publications.

The BTU publication fund, which was established with ressources from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, enables members of BTU to finance costs for journal articles (Article Processing Charges, APCs). Financial support from the central fund is possible if there are not enough project or third-party funds available.

The “Publication Fund for Open Access Monographs of the Federal State of Brandenburg” provides funding options for Open Access monographs and similar publication formats.

... for journal articles

Publication Support at BTU

The funding consists of the payment of Open Access publication fees in Gold Open Access journals up to a maximum amount of € 2,000. Funding is not granted if APCs have already been reimbursed through other third-party funding. This excludes the possibility of double funding.
More details can be found in the Call for Proposals and in the Application Form.

Applications can be submitted until 30 November 2024.

For further information, please email Openaccess(at) at the University Library.

The publication fund is co-funded by BTU's central research budget which was established as one instrument for achieving the research goals of the University Development Plan. A coordinated concept was developed for these funds, consisting of new and proven internal funding measures.

The funding measure "2024 Publication Support" was developed in cooperation between the University Library and the Unit for Research Funding. It aims to increase publication activity at BTU and, in particular, to support the transformation to open publication models. This is meant to increase the visibility, discoverability, accessibility and re-usability of the BTU's scientific output.

Questions about BTU's central resarch budget should be addressed to the Unit for Research Funding.

... for monographs and collected editions

Publication Fund for Open Access Monographs in Brandenburg

Since autumn 2021, the “Publication Fund for Open Access Monographs of the Federal State of Brandenburg” provides researchers of the eight Brandenburg universities and universities for applied sciences with a funding option for OA monographs and similar publication formats. The fund supports monographs, collected editions, contributions to collected editions, and dissertations with up to € 6,000.-.

Publications are required to have passed a discipline-specific quality assurance process and should be released under Open Access compliant license (CC BY is recommended) with a recognized academic publisher.
Only costs associated with the Open Access version are covered, so a transparent cost calculation is required.
It is recommended to submit applications as soon as authors enter into contract negotiations with a publisher.
An application form is available on the website of Open Access Brandenburg.
If the publication is delayed by more than 6 months after approval, authors will have to apply again.

All informationen about the publication fund is available on the website Open Access Brandenburg. The website also provides a list of publications which have been supported by the fund so far.

Questions about this publication fund should be addressed to fonds(at)