Institutes and Chairs

Institute of Biotechnology

Chair ofConduct
BiochemistryProf. Dr. Ralf Stohwasser
Bioinformatics and Biostatistics N. N.
Cell BiologyProf. Dr. Ursula Anderer
Cellular Bioprocess Engineering N. N.
Enzyme Technology Prof. Dr. Katrin Scheibner
Eukaryotic Microorganisms N. N.
Molecular BiologyProf. Dr. Christian Schröder
Molecular Cell BiologyProf. Dr. Jan-Heiner Küpper
Multiparameter DiagnosticsProf. Dr. Peter Schierack
NanobiotechnologyProf. Dr. Vladimir Mirsky
Synthetic MicrobiologyProf. Dr. Fabian M. Commichau
Technical Microbiology Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Stahmann
Field of studyConduct
Cell biological Methods Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Hansen
Molecular Diagnostics and Quality Management Honorarprof. Dr. rer. nat. Dirk Roggenbuck

Institute of Environmental and Process Technology

Chair ofConduct
Bioenergy technology N. N.
Biotechnology of water treatment Prof. Dr. Marion Martienssen
Electrochemical Technologies N. N.
Water Technology and Urban Hydraulic Engineering Vertretungsprof. Dr. Konrad Thürmer
Field of studyConduct
Bio-refinery technology Honorarprof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Birgit Kamm
Structural recycling apl. Prof. Dr. Angelika Mettke

Institute of Environmental Sciences

Chair ofConduct
Atmospheric processesProf. Dr. Katja Trachte
EcologyProf. Dr. Klaus Birkhofer
Economics, in particular environmental economicsProf. Dr. Frank Wätzold
Environmental Data Science Prof. Masahiro Ryo
Environmental geology Kommissarischer Leiter Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt
Environmental planningProf. Dr. Michael Schmidt
Freshwater ConservationProf. Dr. Brigitte Nixdorf
Geopedology and landscape developmentProf. Dr. Thomas Raab
Hydrology Prof. Dr. Christoph Hinz
Raw material and resource management Prof. Dr. Rainer Herd
Social science environmental issuesKommissarischer Leiter Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt
Soil protection and recultivationKommissarischer Leiter apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Wolfgang Schaaf
Field of studyConduct
Air chemistry and air pollution controlProf. Dr. Detlev Möller
Ecological-economic ModellingHonorarprof. Dr. Dr. Martin Drechsler
Hydrological system analysis Honorarprof. Dr. rer. nat. Frank Wendland

Institute of Materials Chemistry

Chair ofConduct
Chemical process modelling Prof. Dr. Matthias Suckow
Inorganic ChemistryProf. Dr. Peer Schmidt
Materials Chemistry N. N.
Natural products chemistry Prof. Dr. Katrin Salchert
Organic and pharmaceutical chemistry Prof. Dr. Alexander Kaiser
Physical chemistry Prof. Dr. Jörg Acker
Technical chemistryProf. Dr. Olaf Klepel
Thermodynamics Prof. Dr. Ingolf Petrick
Field of studyConduct
Physical Chemistry II apl. Prof. Dr. Reiner Schmid


Systems and safety technology Gastprof. Dr. Werner Witt

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