Current Semester All lectures of the Department of Graphical Systems will be available in Moodle via password. You will receive the password during the first lecture of the semester.

Modules with limited number of participants

Due to a significant increase in student numbers and interest in participating in the courses offered by the chair, some of the courses on offer have been subject to a participant limit. 
This means that students first register for the respective module examination in the examination system and then a selection procedure is used to decide who is ultimately allowed to take part in the examination. This selection procedure is specified to the chair by the university. If you are excluded from taking the examination in the selection procedure, you will be deregistered from the respective examination in the examination system. The module in question will then be recorded as a withdrawal.

We kindly ask for your understanding that the number of participants must be limited in order to maintain the quality of teaching. 
You are of course free to reapply to take the examination in another semester.

Summer Semester 2024

  • Lecture: Principles of Cognition and Perception (Webseite)
    • [L from Thursday 11.04. at 11:30 - VG1C, Room 0.03]
    • [EX see Moodle]
  • Lecture: Virtual Reality and Agents (Webseite)
    • [L from Monday the 08.04. at 09:15 - ZHG, Lecture Hall B]
    • [EX see Moodle]
  • Lecture: Learning in Real and Virtual Humans (Webseite)
    • [L from Friday the 12.04. at 09:15 - ZHG, Lecture Hall C]
    • [EX see Moodle]
  • Seminar: Research Module in Artificial Intelligence (Webseite)
    • [from Tuesday the 09.04. at 9:15 - ZHG, Lecture Hall B]