Biotechnology-BioChance KMU-innovative-16

The absolute quantification of biomolecules is an important approach to study cellular conditions and their changes. In particular, nucleic acids such as microRNA, messenger RNA and genomic DNA are of immense importance. But also the detection of proteins is of high relevance. Thanks to Poisson statistics, absolute quantification methods can be used to achieve very precise measurements. Applications can be found, for example, in tumor diagnostics and basic research. The research questions are interdisciplinary with contributions from human medicine, engineering (eg microfluidics) and bioinformatics. In this project, we are increasingly engaged in digital PCR. We use these to detect mutations in tumor samples. Here the Applied Statistical Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics plays a major role. We develop software for measuring image data from microfluidically generated drop emulsions. To analyze the data, we are researching new statistical test procedures.