in 2014 the chair of design and building science, prof. kühn, brandenburg univerity of technology has become partner in oikonet, a pedagogic project funded by the erasmus multilateral networks program of the european union whose purpose is to create an international platform of collaboration to study contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective. a total of 34 organizations from 29 countries in europe and around the world are part of this network.
oikonet is a follow-up of the previous oikodomos virtual campus project which was carried out during 2007-2011.
oikonet brings together schools of architecture and urban planning, research institutes, social groups, transnational organizations and local administrations. altogether, the interactions across different stakeholders and disciplines will provide new insights on the contemporary housing conditions, and will help to forge links between academia and the social and economic milieu, between research and learning, and between the european education space and other universities around the world.
in july 2014 students of the btu senftenberg - cottbus will take part in the oikonet workshop on contemporary housing in lisbon.

contact person at the btu: dipl.-ing. mathias klöpfel