summer 17 // 60plus XXL

ICOMOS student competition 2017

with the student competition „60plus XXL“ the ICOMOS programme would like to continue the student competition from 2015 „from 60 to 90“ and focus this time on „big“ building complexes of the same time. extensive and multi-faceted large-scale plants such as megastructures of technical and public infrastructure, industrial and transport facilities, complex educational, research and health, cultural and conference centers as well as large-scale residential buildings characterize this time and pose a particular challenge to current building preservation and questions of historical testimony and momory.
the project is an investigation of an extra-large and complex structural or technical facility and possible strategies for the preservation and potential re-uses. the objects that we analyze have to be from the decades 1960-90.
we will search for the history and the origin as well as the further use and potenitals of the object. we will also discuss ways of preserving and using the complex. what is its cultural-historical significance? why should it be preserved? who are possible addressees and prospective customers or partners of a sustained renewal and reuse?

the seminar builds upon the application and the deepening of insight from continuous supervised research, literature reviews, in-class discussions, city-walks and guided tours.

this seminar is a cooperation between the chairs of prof. kühn and prof. schuster and will be conducted by katrin reingans and lukas staudinger.

first meeting:
april 13th 2017, building 2c, room 317, 2nd floor

city walks:
see moodle and seminar outline