Dr. Knut Laaser

Erich Weinert Str. 1-2
03046 Cottbus

LG 10, Raum 234b
T +49 (0) 355 69 2512


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 “The moral economy of social relations between bank workers and customers under digital performance management systems in UK retail banks”. In: Industrial Relations Journal

“The Moral Economy of Solidarity” (With Sharon C. Bolton). In: Work, Employment and Society.


"‘You have to pick’: Cotton and state-organized forced labour in Uzbekistan". In: Economic and Industrial Democracy. Forthcoming.

"A neglected pool of labour? Frontline service work and hotel recruitment in Glasgow". In: European Management Review. Forthcoming. 


"Ethics of care under marketization: Co-worker relationships in UK banks" (mit Bolton, S.C.). In: New Technology, work and employment. Volume 32, Issue 3, Pages 213–227.

Forthcoming: "Moral economy of flexible employment and layers of disconnection", (with Bolton, S.C.). In: Gregor Gall (Herausgeber): Handbook on the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment, Edward Elgar, 1-17.


" ‘If you are having a go at me, I am going to have a go at you’: The changing nature of social relationships of bank work under Performance Management". In: Work, Employment and Society*, Vol 30( 6): 1000–1016


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"The moral economy of work and employment in banks". PhD. Online access through EThOS.

"Exploring the management of third sector service diversification in Glasgow, Govan". Bericht für Scottish Funding Council, 45 S. (mit McGuire, D)

"An Elephant in the room; a push towards Contributive Justice", in: Compass Special Issue.


"Contingent Work and Its Contradictions: Towards a Moral Economy Framework", (mit Bolton, S.C., M. Houlihan) in: Journal of Business Ethics*, Vol. 111(1): 121-132.


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Eingereichte Artikel

"Toxic emotions? Relational sociology and the relational work of teachers in a Pupil Referral Unit", (with S.C. Bolton). Submitted to: Organization (Invitation to Revise and Resubmit).

"Slavery Work in Uzbekistan" (with D. McGuire). Submitted to: Economic and Industrial Democracy (invitation to Revise and Resubmit).

"Towards a sociology of the meaning of work", (with S.C. Bolton). Under review in Management Review.

"Solidarity in the age of Austerity", (with S.C. Bolton). Under review in Work, Employment and Society.


I am interested in the sociology of work, organisations and markets. I have conducted research on the changing nature of work and its social relationships, on the causes and consequences of contingent work for organisations and actors and on the different ways people derive meaning from their work. Lately I became particularly interested in Performance Management Systems and how they are implemented and utilized in different sectors and with different consequences for work and its social relations. Theoretically, I have worked on a moral economy theory for the study of work, employment and organisations, utized the economic sociology approach of relational work to organisational studies and have combined the labour process theory approach with a normative moral economy lens.

I am an experienced supervisor. I have supervised 2 PhD students, one as first supervisor, the other as second supervisor. Furthermore, I have supervised over 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The article "Work, employment and society through the lens of moral economy" is listed as one of the most read articles of the journal Work, employment and society in 2017.

The article "If you are having a go..." was shortlisted for the SAGE prize of Innovation in 2017 for the journal Work, employment and society.

Akademische Positionen

seit Juli 2017: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl Arbeitssoziologie und Wirtschaftssoziologie

seit WS 2016: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Work, Employment and Society, Management, University of Stirling, UK (derzeit beurlaubt).

WS 2013-SS2016: Early Career Lecturer, University of Stirling, UK.

WS 2010-SS2013: Dozent an der University of Strathclyde fuer Organisational Analysis, Critical Management Studies und Organisational Change.

WS 2009: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl Organisational Analyis, Prof. Sharon C. Bolton, University of Strathclyde. 


Akademische Ausbildung:

2017: Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and teaching in Higher Education, University of Stirling, UK.

2013: PhD an der University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.  Promotionsarbeit zum Thema „Moral economy of bank work“.

2011: Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methodology, University of Strathclyde, UK

2010:MA in Human Resource Management, Universität Hamburg.

2009:MSc in Sociology an der London School of Economics and Political Science

2007: Diplom Sozialwirt an der Universität Hamburg

Weitere akademische und berufliche Tätigkeiten

  • Erstbetreuer von ueber 30 BA (Hons) und MSc Dissertationen zwischen 2013 und 2017 (2016 und 2017 als Tutor of the year nominiert)
  • PhD Betreuer von Unang Mulkhan. Thema: Exploring Organisational Behaviour in the Indonesian Mining Industry (University of Stirling). Erfolgreich Abgeschlossen in 2017.
  • PhD Zweitbetreuer von Kerstin- Maier Baircroft. Thema: Diversity Management and the Political Economy of Policing (Abgeschlossen). 
  • Shortlisted fuer den Lehrpreis der University of Stirling in 2016 und 2017
  • Auszeichnung der University of Stirling in der Kategorie Lehre und Feedback in 2016
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Association
  • Reviewer fuer Palgrave Macmillan Lehrbuecher
  • Reviewer fuer Work, employment and society; Journal of Common Market Studies; Journal of Society and Economics; Journal of Business Ethics und der Zeitschrift Arbeit.
  • Co-Direktor IHRM MSc Stirling

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