Vortrag am Institut für Materialchemie der BTU - offen für alle Studierende

Electrification of Chemical Processes – Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Industry

Dr. Arnd Garsuch, Electrochemical Processes & Energy, BASF SE

Donnerstag, den 30.11.2023, 15:30 Uhr im ZHG/Audimax 1, Zentralcampus Cottbus

The chemical industry is facing a huge transformation today – away from fossils as raw materials. Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is an important aspect of the chemical industry aiming for both profitable and CO2-neutral growth. Renewable energy is hence an enabler for a constant reduction of the industries carbon footprint.
The use of carbon dioxide as raw material for chemical processes offers the possibility to convert CO2 in base chemicals and at the same time the permanent release of this greenhouse gas will be avoided.

Hydrogen generated by renewable electricity could play an important role in defossilization of chemical industry. Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis of water is being developed to produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale.

Electrochemical energy storage systems offer the flexibility to balance the fluctuations when renewable energy such as solar and wind power is available and when not. Batteries are used to absorb excess energy during off-peak times and to provide power during demand peaks. Lithium-ion based as well as sodium-ion based batteries are  in the focus of extensive research activities. Cell components and performance characteristics of corresponding battery types will be presented.


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