Publications and Exhibitions

2013 Nagler, Wessling (Ed.); Madinat Bukra – Urban Design in the Middle East and in North-Africa

2009 Amedi, Nagler, Wessling; May 2008; The Importance of the Inner City Renewal for the Development of Greater Cairo, in: Altrock Yearbook for Urban Renewal 2009, Mega-Cities between Boom and Faint? Urban Renewal and Restructuring in the expanding Metropolis of the South, Berlin 2009 (English) (German)

March 2009 Participation of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning, BTU Cottbus, represented by Christoph Wessling, as a guest input at the Exhibition "Best Degree-Projects of Arabic Architecture Faculties", exhibited at the University of Damascus

May 2008 Exhibition "Oasis or Desert" at the Information- and Communication Centre Cottbus, Exhibition of the results of the Seminars "Oasis or Desert" at the Summer School Cairo and from the project "Bab Al Sharyah, Cairo"

2006 Gangler, Nagler, Ribbeck, Schwartze; Uzbekistani Cities between tradition and progress. Urban Transformation Processes of the Central-Asian Cities Taschkent and Samarkand. Cottbus / Stuttgart