Recommended Plan of Study (if the first semester is a winter semester)

The catalog of compulsory elective modules may be modified each semester. Please refer to the Infoportal Lehre for the most up-to-date lists of elective modules.

A click on a module name leads to the respective module description. Here you will also find references to the courses currently assigned to the module.

Module no.Modules and module complexesCredit points per semesterTotal LP
 Basic Introduction6
13734Interdisciplinary Introductory Course Doing Academic Research6      
 Philosophical Foundations of Digitalisation 18
12183Practical Philosophy and Social Philosophy: An Introduction6      
13731Ethical Challenges of Digital Technologies   6   
13730Digital Societies and Social Philosophy 6     
 Sociology of Digitalisation18
37103Sociology 6     
13733Social Change in Digital Societies6      
13716Introduction to the Sociology of Technology and Environmental Sociology 6     
 Cultural-Theoretical Foundations of Digitalisation12
13707Research in Culture and Digitalisation  6    
13769Intercultural Competence in the Age of Digitalisation   6   
 Media Studies 12
11905Media Analysis 6     
11692Semiotics of Media and Culture  6    
 Economics and Law42
11849Principles of Economics for Students of the Humanities6      
12160Business Administration I: Basics of Business Administration6      
13323Economics and Philosophy   6   
 Compulsory Electives: Economics and Law  1212   
 Technology, Engineering and Organisational Sciences  12
 Compulsory Electives: Technology, Engineering and Organisational Sciences 66    
 Philosophy, Cultural Theory and Social Science30
 Compulsory Electives: Philosophy, Cultural Theory and Social Science    1812 
 Interdisciplinary Studies6
 Module for Interdisciplinary Studies (FÜS)     6 
 Internship and Bachelor Thesis24
13741Internship    12  
12194Bachelor Thesis     12