Loss and damage of books

Loss and damage of books

When you lost a borrowed Book / Media, please notify the University Library Cottbus - Senftenberg in a timely manner:

According to the terms of use of the University Library BTU-Senftenberg (BenOBib) from 05 May 2014 § 5 Rights and obligations of the user, paragraph (4) applies:

In case of damage and loss of the borrowed media the user has to afford full replacement , even if he or she is not at fault.

A decision on the nature and amount of compensation shall be made the University Library, after proper consideration of the case.
Possible requirements may be to restore the previous state, obtain a replacement copy
at his or their cost, obtain another equivalent work or a reproduction or fix a reasonable value in money; moreover, they can propose a fine to replace the loss in value.

If  a reported lost media is returned afterwards, the user is entitled to claim the replacement copy or reproduction.