Publication fees

To publish journal articles Open Access, authors often have to pay publication fees, so-called Article Processing Charges (APC).
The University Library has signed licence agreements or memberships with a number of publishers which enable authors of BTU to publish free of charge or at reduced prices.
Authors from BTU can apply for publication support for publications in Gold Open Access journals listed in DOAJ.

Before submitting your article to a journal, please inform yourself critically about its trustworthiness and reliability. The agreements with the publishers serve, among other things, to simplify the central processing of invoices and to obtain discounts. This does not imply any statement about the quality of the journals or the review process.
Further information on Predatory Publishing.

Publishing agreements and institutional memberships

American Chemical Society (ACS)
AIP Publishing: American Institute of Physics
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Contract period: 2024–2026
  • Publishing Open Access in all journals, magazines and proceedings: free of charge
  • List of journals
  • Types of articles: Research Article, Short Paper, Review Article, Survey Article, Technical Note, Tutorial, Interview, Note
  • Licences: CC BY, CC BY-NC-ND
  • Information for authors
  • Corresponding authors are identified by their email address, so all BTU authors are required to use their email for submitting their articles.
Cambridge University Press
Elsevier (DEAL)
Institute of Physics (IOP)
Nature and Nature Branded Journals
  • Contract period: 2023–2024
  • Publishing in Fully Open Access Journals: not included
  • Publishing in Hybrid Journals: free of charge in 36 journals
  • List of hybrid journals
  • Types of articles: all
  • Licence: CC BY
  • Information for authors
  • Exemptions: The Gold Open Access titles Scientific Reports and Nature Communications as well as Nature Protocols and all Nature Reviews journals are exempt from this agreement.

The international project SCOAP3 and its German section SCOAP3-DH organises a collective financing of Open Access articles in the field of high-energy physics (HEP). This means that authors can publish in the journals listed below free of charge.

For these journals, the SCOAP3 consortium will pay for all articles:

Article fees for the following journals are only paid if the articles are from the field of high-energy physics:

SCOAP3 will only accept the costs if the article is listed in the main category "HEP" at arXiv before it is submitted to the publisher.
This means that

Springer Nature (DEAL)
  • Contract period: 2020–2024
  • Publishing in Fully Open Access Journals: 20% discount (except for Nature Communications and Scientific Reports)
  • Publishing in Hybrid Journals: free of charge
  • List of journals with information on publication models, CC licences, current APCs and discounts
  • Types of articles: Original Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, and only in hybrid journals Editorial Notes, Book Reviews, Letters and Reports.
  • Licences: see journal list
  • Publishing Charges are collectively billed to the library quarterly. If authors have not applied for publication support, the charges will be forwarded to their chairs.
  • Information for authors
  • Exemptions:
    • Articles in the approximately 70 SpringerNature medical journals will only be published Open Access under DEAL if they a) have not been requested and have been actively edited and b) are of the "research article" type.
    • The discount of 20% does not apply to Nature Communications and Scientific Reports.
  • Publication fees outside of Open Access costs like colour or page charges will still be billed to the authors seperately.
Taylor & Francis
  • Contract period: 2024–2026
  • Publishing in Fully Open Access Journals: 15% discount
  • Publishing in Hybrid Journals: free of charge, no additional service charges like colour or page charges
  • List of Open Access Journals, Hybrid Journals
  • Types of articles: Article, Research Article, Review, Review Article, Report, Brief Report, Note, Case Report, Essay, Discussion
  • Licences: by default CC-BY, other CC licences possible
  • Information for authors
Wiley (DEAL)
wt Werkstatttechnik online

The technical journal wt Werkstattstechnik online has been made open access as of issue 2/2023.

Scientific authors of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg can publish free of charge under a CC licence during the contract period from 2023 to 2025.
Main topics are production engineering, manufacturing processes, machine tools/tools, digital factory, additive manufacturing, automation, factory planning, C-technologies and quality management.

Note for authors

General information

  • In most cases, the publishing agreements apply to the corresponding authors of the journal articles. Depending on the publisher, in addition to the selection of the BTU as the institution, the affiliation is determined by the e-mail address and IP address from which the article was uploaded. Therefore, we recommend using your BTU e-mail address for submission.
  • Information about Creative Commons Licences (CC Licences)