Library Rallies Discover playfully the university library at the central campus

As a very popular trend in free time activities, rallies are great as a method of library-specific education - the library becomes lively and can be experienced. The information won´t be communicated in an intructive way but in a playful, almost casual manner.

Rallies take advantage of the love of adventure. They combine writing and books with contemporary media technology – online-quizzes at the computer might be part of the rally.

All in all, these rallies might be a playful way to learn how to use our library and how to find literature. They are directed at adolescents and adults who look for an unusual and exciting way to discover our university library.

RA1: Escape the ICMC: looking for the Philosopher´s stone

RA2: Library rallye on literature research

The participation is free. After an individual arrangement, rallies can also be offered in English. If desired, we will give you a confirmation of participation.