RA1: Library rallye - Escape the ICMC "Looking for the Philosopher´s stone"

Your last homework turned out badly and because of your bad grade, a furious professor captured you at the university library.
The only possibility to escape is to find the Philosopher's stone!
Start the search, but be aware of the following: only those who want to find the stone but don't want to keep it for themselves will be able to escape the colourful glass house.


  • introduction of the rooms and facilities
  • registration at the library
  • rules and regulations
  • access to the library catalogue
  • more than just books – resources of the university library
  • media locations
  • hints on printing and scanning
  • contact and help


About 90 minutes


Lernpool in the ICMC on the central campus
Meeting point: service point


At least 2 people

At most 5 people

Individual appointment can be arranged on request, also in English. Please contact us.