The aim of architectural conservation is to preserve cultural monuments as witnesses to and documents of our past and to pass them on to future generations "in the full richness of their authenticity" (Venice Charter 1964). Not only buildings but also gardens, streetscapes, technical or industrial structures, urban districts or entire cities, as well as large areas such as cultural landscapes can be placed under conservation protection. But how do we define what is worth preserving and keeping? What can we learn about our past through historic buildings, structures and environments and what do they mean for us today? How can they and should they be handled? Our department addresses these questions in lectures, seminars and exercises, often in cooperation with other departments, e.g. architectural and urban design.

The basis for this work is knowledge of the history of architecture and urbanism and the development of conservation concepts and approaches. Based on documentation of buildings and structures as well as research using written, oral and visual sources, it is possible to define the characteristics of a building and assess its value; often its qualities reveal themselves only upon closer examination. A precise analysis of construction phases, materials, construction etc. is then necessary to understand the history of the structure and to develop a balanced conservation concept for its further handling. Knowledge of historical building techniques and materials is just as important as skill in conducting repairs, finding new uses or designing new elements that complement and further develop the building while preserving its historical significance and message. The Chair in Architectural Conservation contributes these approaches to the undergraduate and graduate programs in Architecture and Urban Planning,  the international programs in World Heritage Studies and Heritage Conservation and Site Management, and the structured doctoral program in Heritage Studies.


Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Johanna M. Blokker
Chair in Architectural Conservation
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Office of the Chair
Harriet Trenkmann
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