Teaching Activities

Welcome to the Summersemester 2021!

Dear Students, because of the actual COVID-19 Pandemics, notice that all the events this semester will be offered in Online Mode. 

The courses offered this semester are:

Students looking to attend Aufbau von Rechnersysteme(12207)  please contact us.

All further information is available at the corresponding Moodle courses (the links above lead to these courses).

Summer semester

Stundenplan Wintersemester
1. Block 07:30-9:00   Digitaltechnik / Aufbau von Rechnersystemen
UE, ZHG/SR1, Muñoz Hernandez,
2. Block 09:15-10:451. Digitaltechnik
VL, ZHG/SR1, Hübner (B-Woche) 2. Digitaltechnik / Aufbau von Rechnersystemen
UE, ZHG/SR1, Muñoz Hernandez,
Systementwurf für minimale Verlustleistung
PR, VG1C/1.01, Veleski
1. Digitaltechnik
VL, LG1A/HS1, Hübner 2. Hardware-Software Co- design für eingebettete Systeme
PR,VG1C/1.01, Mahmood
3. Block 11:30-13:00Proseminar "Computers an Networks"
PS, LG1A/121, Brandalero
1. Hardware-Software Co- design für eingebettete Systeme
VL, VG1C/1.24, Hübner 2. Digitaltechnik-Praktikum
PR, VG1C/1.01, Berger
Systementwurf für minimale Verlustleistung
VL, HG0.18, Vierhaus
PR, VG1C/1.01, Berger
4. Block 13:45-15:15Aufbau von Rechnersysteme
VL, HG0.17, Hübner
PR, VG1C/1.01, Berger
Hardware Test and Fault Tolerant Computing
OS, VG1C/1.24, Hübner,
PR, VG1C/1.01, Berger
Entwurfsautomatisierung für digitale Schaltungen

VL, VG1C/1.24, Brandalero
5. Block 15:30-17:00    Mikroelektronik:
Entwurfsautomatisierung für digitale Schaltungen

PR, VG1C/1.01, Brandalero

Other Teaching Activities

Offered in Summer semester

This Lecture covers the fundamentals of Electronics with special emphasis on integrated digital logic.

This Lecture covers methods for finding optimal passing Hardware- and Software Components, that fulfill together a given task, taking into consideration the optimality with respect to costs such as money, time, power consumption, area, etc.

This Lecture covers methods for the automatisation of the design process of digital circuits.

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