Starting Your Semester A warm welcome to your studies at BTU!

Winter Semester 2020/21

Special features of the winter semester 2020

The start of the winter semester 2020/21 has changed due to the current corona pandemic. The official start of the semester is October 01, 2020. Lectures will start on November 02, 2020.

In the English-language degree programmes, teaching will take place online as much as possible. You must be present at the BTU by the beginning of the summer semester (April 01, 2021) at the latest. In the German-language degree programmes, teaching will take place online and in person. It is strongly recommended to arrive at the latest at the beginning of lectures (November 02, 2020). If this is not possible for you due to the current pandemic restrictions, you can also start online and join later on site. Should the pandemic worsen again, all departments and faculties are prepared to offer all teaching online.

Welcome week (OTIWO)

Our welcome week introduces you to important organisational information, opportunities to get to know your fellow students, as well as the city you´re studying in (OTIWO week). The OTIWO week takes place in the week prior to the start of your lectures and all "newcomers" should definitely take part. The OTIWO week of the winter semester 2020/21 is in the week from 26.10.2020 untill 30.10.2020. This year the introduction week will take place online. Small events will be held face to face.

The introduction week for the winter semester 2020/2021 will take place as follows.

Monday, 26 - Friday, 30.10.2020:
 Infomarkt (online here on the welcome platform - still in work)
     - Information/videos about the organization of the study program
       (module and exam registration, BTU account, eLearning, ....)
     - Leisure activities, BTU sports, languages, university library, clubs, cities
       and BTU partners introduce themselves

Monday, October 26, 2020
   time: 10:00 - 10:45 a.m:

      "OTIWO-Immatriculation" - Students welcome the new students! Live
       transmission to the Internet, to be found on the BTU welcome platform
       here on this page (in progress)

   time: 16:00 - 18:00 o'clock:
       Ceremonial welcome by the president of BTU and city councils (online here on welcome platform)

Tuesday, 27.10.2020 | 08:00 a.m.: 
       City rallye in Cottbus (in attendance form - registration required),
        in the evening: Come together in corona-conform small groups

Wednesday, 28 - Friday, 30.10.2020:
        Introductory events of the study programs (in attendance form, times and
        rooms will be published here on the welcome platform - still in progress)
        in the evening: UNI cinema, Come together (OTIWO e.V.)

Further details will be available from october here on the above-mentioned welcome platform and on the OTIWO homepage. 

Information for your specific degree program during the corona pandemic

For general information and questions, please also use your regular contacts at the university, such as the Admissions & Registrar`s Office, the International Relations Office, the Student Guidance and Counselling Centre and, above all, the teaching staff in your degree programme. Further information specific to your degree programme can be obtained from your course administratior or on the website of your faculty.

Please note that the information on the start of the semester during the online phase is constantly updated on this page.

Faculty 1: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Science

Information about the start of the summer semester 2020 in the degree programs of Faculty 1 can be found on the Moodle pages of the respective courses or can be obtained from the relevant departments.

Additional information can be found at .

Faculty 2: Environment and Natural Sciences

Information on the start of the summer semester 2020 in the study programmes of Faculty 2 can be found on:

Faculty 3: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Energy Systems

Information on the start of the summer semester 2020 in the study programmes of Faculty 3 can be found on:

Faculty 4: Social Work, Health Sciences and Music

Information on the start of studies in the study programmes of Faculty 4:

The Social Work degree programme has already completed the preparations for the start of the online phase. You should have already received corresponding information from the head of the programme. Please contact your course administrator if this is not the case.

Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy is facing challenges with regard to the online implementation of the practical parts of the degree course. Please consult your teachers directly to arrange for individual solutions if not done so already.

Information on the start of the semester in the health degree programmes will follow shortly. First information on the semester schedule can also be found on the website of the Institute of Health.

Faculty 5: Business, Law and Social Sciences

Information about the start of courses in the summer semester 2020 can be found mainly on the corresponding Moodle pages of the courses. There is also a specific Moodle course on the introduction to the semester: "Informationen zum Studienstart | SoSe 2020 | Fakultät 5".

A faculty-wide overview page can be found at

Faculty 6: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Information on the start of the summer semester 2020 in the study programmes of Faculty 6 can be found on:

Preparatory study programs and language courses

Information on the start of the semester in the Orientation Study Program College+ is provided by the program coordinator. Please also use that contact in case of questions.

Students of the prep year program Bridge to Studies will also receive their information on the start of the semester from their program coordinator.

The language courses at BTU will utilize online resources in the initial period of the summer semester 2020 as well. Further information on courses and registration for students is available on the web site of the Language Centre.

Tutorials "Digital BTU"

Digital BTU - Overview

Digital BTU - BTU Account and Webmail

Digital BTU - The Infoportal Teaching

Digital BTU - The Online Portal

Digital BTU - The Learning Platform Moodle BTU

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